About Renaissance Renovations

Renaissance Renovations has been serving the greater New York City area for over 15 years.

When I decided to open Renaissance it came after many conversations with family, friends and acquaintances complaining about their renovation experiences. Unprofessional staff, inconsistent workmanship, hidden fees and a lack of leadership. I knew that I could set out to form a company that would break the negative stereotype of contractors.

Utilizing my years working with my father, a carpenter, and my ten year military career, I created a company with pride in its professional skills as well as its management. The name Renaissance was chosen to reflect this idea of resurgence to quality and pride in renovation services.

I hand picked skilled workers and formed relationships with professionals who could help forward the Renaissance vision.

Our motto "with you every step of the way" is a direct response to the confusion and frustration many feel throughout the renovation process. We take our customers step by step from analyzing the best possible improvements, to purchasing materials as well as dealing with any issues that arise. All in an effort to create a confidence in our customers and to allow for a smooth process.

Renaissance Renovations is proud to provide a concierge experience for our customers with honesty, quality and affordability at the forefront.

Pictured: David Haimovich, owner, with his son.

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